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Solar Powered

One of our staple products here at nu spa is the award winning CND Solar Oil.

Used by the likes of Kate Moss, it really is one of the best nail products out there. Infused with jojoba oil and vitaminE, which drives nutrients deeper into the nail to provide Stronger, Healthier nails and hydrate the cuticles.

Having CND Solar Oil at home in between your shellac treatment is a must, as applying this everyday will ensure that the nail stays hydrated and will help your preserve your polish.

Sweep it across you natural or enhanced nails and you will understand why every nail and  beauty expert swears by it.

Upgrade your nail care routine today by purchasing this miracle manicure in a bottle from our spa reception.


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Spa Deals in Manchester

Why Nu Spa in Manchester is Set to Deliver a Unforgettable Spa Treatment

Just a few years ago, getting a spa deal in Manchester was viewed solely as a venture that only the wealthy could afford. Nonetheless, Nu Spa is designed to deliver life-changing experience to the spa enthusiasts at affordable prices. This centre is located within the Park Inn Hotel, Manchester. Clients are offered vast services such as: spa pamper packages, Dermalogica body treatments, group/hen spa packages, face & eye treatment, ultimate tan (St. Tropez Tan), Swedish body massage, lash treatments, waxing eyebrow treatment, etc.

Although there are many spa deals in Manchester city centre, Nu Spa has continued to dominate in the market. Among the attractions that make people to keep coming back to use this service, is the fact that it provides a wide range of services including body wraps, nail treatments and facials. Irrespective of the kind of treatment you are looking for, you can be guaranteed to find it in this centre.

The majority of people retreating to the spa want to get pampered and feel relaxed. Nu Spa offers classic 4-star hotel ambience that is combined with state of the art equipment like saunas, steam rooms, pool and gym facilities. The duration of the treatment is entirely dependent on the requirements of the clients. There are short spa deals that only take a day, while there are extended spa experience offers that can extend for several weeks.

Nu spa serves both men and women. The diverse services available in the centre ensure that everyone would find a programme tailored to complement their needs perfectly.

If you are looking for a haven of tranquility and comfort, Nu Spa offer the best choice. There are no distractions in the spa rooms. In addition, maximum privacy is offered to the clients. There is adequate room to accommodate a large number of people at a go hence space should never be a great concern. Besides, there is a large collection of equipment to satisfy the requirements of every client.

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Spa Days Manchester

Spa Days – The ultimate way to drain off your stress

Are you looking for the best way to unwind from your long day? Why not choose a Nu Spa spa day which offers you diverse choices tailored to suit everyone regardless whether they are intending to indulge, relax or dissolve away the stresses. The centre has facilities suitable for helping clients feel good from the top to the toe.

Irrespective of the profession you are in, the majority of people live extremely busy lives. In fact, almost everyone can do with a relaxation or welcome break whenever the opportunity arises. If you are visiting Manchester, or you are a local, Nu Spa is the place where your well-earned rest and relaxation can be optimised to give you maximum thrill you may never have thought about. In addition, you will enjoy a number of therapeutic spa days in Manchester at discounted prices.

Restore your balance as you get healthy 

With the help of the wide range of treatments offered at Nu Spa, you can be guaranteed that balance will be restored in your body by the end of these treatments. Once at the spa, you will meet a professional therapist whom you will discuss your requirements and help you to come up with a custom-tailored treatment. Whether it is the spa pamper, personalised training, massage or steam room you will take, this will help you to unwind and boost your general health.

Stress reduction and relaxation 

Our Swedish massage combined with steam room and Dermalogica face & eye treatment helps one to feel relaxed and stress free. You can be guaranteed that you will leave the spa a new person.

Weight loss 

At Nu Spa, there are professionals who will advise you on your dieting habits and methods you can use to lose weight. Along with our spa breaks, there is a membership gym offering personal training package customised to the requirements of an individual. If you are about to get married, or you are planning a get-away holiday, and you want to show off your gorgeous curves, you will be allocated with customised and monitored training programme that will help you to achieve your desired body weight and shape with the least discomfort.


Is your friend, sibling or loved one celebrating birthday, anniversary or honeymoon? A Nu Spa spa day can be an excellent gift to give to people on celebration mood.

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Spa Packages Manchester

Relax And Take Some Time Out With One Of Our Spa Packages in Manchester

It is the dream of everyone to spend quality time when in taking a day out or going on holiday to Manchester. Among the methods to catch the real thrill of every moment is through spending your day at Nu Spa located inside the Park Inn Hotel Manchester. This is a four-star facility offering great accommodation and fantastic Spa Packages. Located next to Victoria and Trams’ station and Manchester Evening news Arena, the hotel is well positioned to accommodate leisure and business guests.

Guests can go for a shopping spree at in the lively shopping district that is just located in a 5-minutes walk distance. Other shopping places include Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and the Manchester Andale Shopping Center. The rooms come with floor to ceiling windows that give excellent views of the city. To take the experience of the guests a notch higher, they are often provided with premier facilities such as steam room, sauna, pool and gym. This is spiced up by the professionally prepared diets and chic cocktails without having to get out of the hotel.

Our Nu Spa service located in the hotel offers a wide range of comfortable services that will make you reminisce the time you will send in Park Inn in your entire life. We offer exclusive spa packages, and gift vouchers that can help you to enjoy Manchester’s best-kept secret without burning a huge hole in your pocket. The discount vouchers can either be used online at Pace Health Club, our shop or at nu spa on membership, treatment or spa products. The discounts range from as little as £10 to as high as £150.

Whether you are interested in spa pamper packages in Manchester, group/hen spa packages, beauty treatments, personal training, gym membership, gift vouchers, dermalogica products, St Tropez tan, body massage, nail treatments or men’s treatment the Pace Health club and Nu Spa has exactly what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a spa package in Manchester, you can count on Nu Spa to give you the sensory retreat to indulge you in ultimate relaxation and unwinding to help you achieve absolute well being. The combination of the heated pool, fitness suite, steam room and sauna is enough to help everyone achieve unforgettable memories from the city.

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Spa Treatments Manchester

Cherish the Warm Welcome of a Spa Treatment.

Anytime you are touring Manchester, and you feel the desire to relax stylishly, Nu Spa is located at the heart of the city and is ready to enhance the experience of your tour in the city. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a business trip, romantic holiday with your lover or in a getaway from home holiday with your family; a haven of serenity and peace lies in this relaxing centre. This is a sensory retreat that would help you to unwind and embark on the journey towards complete well being.

Make maximum use of the heated pool, fitness suite, steam room and sauna. There is a wide range of services to choose from hence you can be assured you will find a service that would complement your requirements. NuSpa Spa treatments offers first class spa breaks or spa days with hotel accommodation and breakfast; as well as, Dermalogica treatments that would suit your needs perfectly. The center is the best urban oasis for anyone seeking relaxation and  comfort.

Our Spa treatments deliver a wide range of indulging and relaxing Dermalogica experiences tailored to complement the requirements of all individuals. Nu Spa is particularly passionate regarding the well-being of its clients. This is the reason why it has created an excellent place where men and women can get pampered with their dream treatments.

The centre is located inside Park Inn Hotel Manchester. It is situated close to Victoria’s train station and MEN arena. That makes it suitable for local residents and city commuter of the Green quarter. The goal of the club is to ensure that it delivers outstanding customer service in combination with gym programs that would ensure an exerciser of any level would feel challenged and comfortable.

Our spa treatments will have you spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your favorite package. Among the services available include:

  • Full Body Swedish Massage
  • Dermalogica face & eye treatment
  • OPI Nail treatments
  • Lash/eyebrow treatments
  • Waxing
  • Men treatments
  • St Tropez Tan ultimate (ultimate Tan)
  • Dermalogica body treatments

If you are on a romantic getaway with your spouse, you can book two-for-one spa day, which is an excellent deal for a two people at the price of one person. Another crucial deal bound to blow away your mind is the 10% off discount for beauty treatment when you book online. The deal can never get better than this.