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The most important muscle…..the heart.  Get the heart and lungs pumping on a varity of cardiovascular equipment including Life Fitness Treadmills, Cross trainers & Bikes, Concept 11 Rowers and Spinning Bikes.

 Fixed Strength

Resistance machines are a great way to increase your muscle, through controlled and safe movements.  As muscle burns calories daily, it is a key part of your training.

Free Weights

Free weight exercises enable the muscles to contract through a fuller range of motion giving an advanced muscle workout

 RIP60 Suspension

With hundreds of exercises available, RIP60 can take your training to a new level


All of the effects of strength and fitness training can also be achieved using vibration training – but in a much shorter time and with a lot less exertion than when using traditional training methods. The proven advantages are endless!!

Functional Training Zone

How long have you followed the same style of training? Head into our Functional Training Area and try…..Kettle bells, Vipr, Rip60 Training, Boxfit, Fit balls, Medicine balls and Indoor cycling…..its all in there, the only things thats missing is you!!


Hitting a punching bag can be physically demanding, testing the strength and stamina of any person.  This workout has several amazing benefits improving core stability, coordination, power, body shape….together with developing self-defense skills and decreasing stress.

Smith Machine

With a higher number of exercises that can be performed on this piece of equipment, including squats, deadlifts, shoulder shrugs…..the smith machine is extremely popular in the gym environment offering such versatility.

Swim and Relax

Our unique pool provides a peaceful environment for a relaxing swim or to increase your fitness & tone with no stress on your joints.

Dont forget to sit back and relax after your workout and ease your muscles in our sauna and steam room or with a magazine on a relaxation lounger