Spa Deals in Manchester

Why Nu Spa in Manchester is Set to Deliver a Unforgettable Spa Treatment

Just a few years ago, getting a spa deal in Manchester was viewed solely as a venture that only the wealthy could afford. Nonetheless, Nu Spa is designed to deliver life-changing experience to the spa enthusiasts at affordable prices. This centre is located within the Park Inn Hotel, Manchester. Clients are offered vast services such as: spa pamper packages, Dermalogica body treatments, group/hen spa packages, face & eye treatment, ultimate tan (St. Tropez Tan), Swedish body massage, lash treatments, waxing eyebrow treatment, etc.

Although there are many spa deals in Manchester city centre, Nu Spa has continued to dominate in the market. Among the attractions that make people to keep coming back to use this service, is the fact that it provides a wide range of services including body wraps, nail treatments and facials. Irrespective of the kind of treatment you are looking for, you can be guaranteed to find it in this centre.

The majority of people retreating to the spa want to get pampered and feel relaxed. Nu Spa offers classic 4-star hotel ambience that is combined with state of the art equipment like saunas, steam rooms, pool and gym facilities. The duration of the treatment is entirely dependent on the requirements of the clients. There are short spa deals that only take a day, while there are extended spa experience offers that can extend for several weeks.

Nu spa serves both men and women. The diverse services available in the centre ensure that everyone would find a programme tailored to complement their needs perfectly.

If you are looking for a haven of tranquility and comfort, Nu Spa offer the best choice. There are no distractions in the spa rooms. In addition, maximum privacy is offered to the clients. There is adequate room to accommodate a large number of people at a go hence space should never be a great concern. Besides, there is a large collection of equipment to satisfy the requirements of every client.

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